A Wig-tastic Talk Show Teaser

This is really fun. To promote the Ora TV-Keek venture Tiny Tiny Talk Show, which debuts tomorrow, comedienne and host Whitney Rice recently ran through most of this year’s Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress Oscar nominees. That’s her playing every part, with the help of some very well-chosen wigs.

The initial run of 11 ten-minute episodes is set to unfold Tuesdays and Thursdays via both ora.tv and the Keek mobile platform, with Thursday’s debut featuring actor Anthony Hale (Veep) and a second surprise guest. For each “tiny” installment, a number of additional 36-second clips (a.k.a. \»Keekisodes\») will be shared on Keek.

But back to the funny promo. Even though Rice caps things off with a 2014 male Oscar nominee for good measure, our personal favorite of her impressions merry-go-round is Anne Hathaway. Well done.

from FishbowlNY Feed http://ift.tt/1uuNXxe



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