U.K. agency lists investigative journalists as a threat alongside terrorists

Good morning. Kristen’s out today, so you’re stuck with me. Here are 10 media stories.

  1. British agency classifies investigative journalists alongside terrorists

    Spies at Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters intercepted emails from «the BBC, Reuters, the Guardian, the New York Times, Le Monde, the Sun, NBC and the Washington Post» as part of a «test exercise,» The Guardian reports. The agency listed «‘investigative journalists’ as a threat in a hierarchy alongside terrorists or hackers.» (The Guardian) | The document revealing the email collection was among those taken by NSA leaker Edward Snowden. (New York Times)

  2. BuzzFeed has an office frozen yogurt machine

    And staffers «vote on the featured flavor each month,» Digiday’s Ricardo Bilton reports in a story that illustrates the basic unfairness of the world. There are other perks to working at various news startups: Vox gets free food from Eater, its Vox Media sister site; Mic employees don’t have to come into work until 1 p.m.; Business Insider has an «office seltzer tap.» (Digiday)

  3. How news outlets will cover the State of the Union speech

    Al Jazeera America’s Wajahat Ali will be live from the Newseum, broadcasting insights gleaned from social media. (tvbythenumbers) | The Huffington Post will interview Obama administration officials immediately after the speech. (Huffington Post) | The big three, Bloomberg TV, MSNBC, Fox News, CNN and C-SPAN will also cover the speech. (Washington Times) | Jorge Ramos and Alicia Menendez will anchor Fusion’s coverage, which will be livestreamed on YouTube. (Fusion) | Meanwhile, the Obama administration is trying to reach Americans directly via social media. (New York Times) | And if none of that interests you, you can always generate your own State of the Union speech. (Sunlight Foundation)

  4. TV meteorologist back on air after being shot 3 times

    Clad in a Superman T-shirt, KCEN meteorologist Patrick Crawford was welcomed back to the station by his fellow journalists. His shooter remains at large. (Associated Press) | «I work with the most amazing people on Texas Today! They surprised me with superman support for my first day back.» (Facebook) | Previously: Meteorologist shot multiple times outside of TV studio. (Poynter)

  5. After 8 years, Turkish police chief turns himself in on suspicion of killing an editor

    Ercan Demir, who works in southeast Turkey, surrendered himself on charges of “voluntary manslaughter caused by negligence,” Ceylan Yeginsu writes for The New York Times. (New York Times) Demir allegedly shot Hrant Dink outside of Agos, a Turkish-Armenian weekly «as he left his office on a busy street in central Istanbul.» (New York Times)

  6. Iran newspaper banned for printing picture of George Clooney

    Iran’s judiciary objected to a “Je suis Charlie” pin Clooney was wearing in the picture taken at the Golden Globes. The newspaper, «Mardom-e Emrooz,» had only been publishing for three weeks before it was shut down for displaying the symbol of solidarity. (Reuters) | Clooney honored the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists while accepting the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the Golden Globes: «They marched in support of the idea that we will not walk in fear. We won’t do it. So, ‘Je Suis Charlie.’» (Mediaite)


  7. The story that launched a thousand hot takes

    Lucia Moses’ peek inside The New York Times’ audience development strategy has raised eyebrows and hackles among media watchers. Alexandra MacCallum, assistant editor for audience development at The New York Times, told Moses that The Times wasn’t trying to be BuzzFeed or The Huffington Post. (Digiday) | That prompted a rebuttal from Gigaom’s Mathew Ingram, who declared BuzzFeed was winning the audience war on social media. (Gigaom) | He also compared the two companies’ shares per article. (Gigaom) | In response, Simon Owens discounted the BuzzFeed/NYT comparison: «The New York Times dwarfs BuzzFeed in revenue.» (Medium) | Writing for Pando, David Holmes stated that pitting the two companies against each other is like saying «Coke is beating UNICEF.» (Pando)

  8. The Orange County Register tests drug-laced bread

    The newspaper determined that a holiday sweet bread contained «a synthetic drug that mimics the active ingredient in marijuana» by submitting it to a lab for analysis. The Santa Ana Police Department is conducting a criminal investigation based on the paper’s reporting. (OC Register) «It was rewarding to beat the police and health department to the punch with old school gumshoe reporting,» staff writer Scott Schwebke tells Poynter.

  9. Front page of the day

    The Bakersfield Californian (Courtesy the Newseum)



  10. Job moves

    Sonia Chopra is now managing editor of Eater. Previously, she was cities editor there. Carolyn Alburger is now cities editor at Eater. Previously, she was editor of Eater San Francisco. Farley Elliott is now senior editor of Eater L.A. Previously, he was a freelance food, drink, and travel writer. (Email) | Emiliano Saccone is now chief operating officer of the FAV! Network. Previously, he was president of MundoFox. (Media Moves) | Neetzan Zimmerman is now senior director of audience and strategy at The Hill. Previously, he was head of editorial operations at Whisper. (The Hill) | Mark Kemp will be the editor of SF Weekly. Previously, he was editor of Acoustic Guitar magazine. (The Desk) | Mara Shalhoup will be editor of LA Weekly. Previously, she was editor of the Chicago Reader (Robert Feder) | Send me your job moves: bmullin@poynter.org.


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