This 19-Year-Old Fashion Photographer Has One, Simple Request

Don’t make cracks about her young appearance after you’ve hired her to do a shoot. From Fashionista’s Q&A with recent New York City transplant Franey Miller:

People would be like, “Oh my god you’re 12. You’re 19. Don’t disappoint me.” On set, they say that. And it’s like, you hired me!

You hired me because you like my work. Don’t doubt me on set. That doesn’t make me want to take good photos for you.

All sorts of other fun anecdotes were gleaned during the conversation with Fashionista associate editor Eliza Brooke, including how high school grad Miller has cold-called her way into work with NYC outlets like Bullett. Read the full interview here and check out Miller’s portfolio here.

[Pictured: A current Nylon front page slide pointing to a feature shot by Miller]

from FishbowlNY Feed http://ift.tt/1GpCfcm



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