Magzter Makes the Netflix Move

In the evolving world of bundled monthly digital magazine subscriptions, Next Issue Media was the first to tap into the idea. Starting in 2011, they offered access to nearly 150 magazines at $15/month. So how’s that going? Next Issue Media CEO Morgan Guenther fudged the subscriber numbers a little bit this week to Bloomberg Businessweek, while also admitting that \»no one has heard of us.\»

As Next Issue gets ready to spend its impressive latest capital raise and another similar service, Readly, tinkles with a similar model launched in 2014, here comes another. Starting this week, Magzter users can opt for a Gold/$9.99-per-month tier encompassing 2000-plus magazines. But there are issues [pun intended].

From D. B. Hebbard‘s take for Talking New Media:

One criticism of these services is the low return per subscriber attained. But many a circulation manager will tell you that even in print, maintaining price integrity is difficult. The other criticism, this time from the reader side, is that most of the digital newsstands offering these services are offering up PDF replicas to readers that are often hard to read, and rarely as convenient as print, or as interesting as native digital editions.

Nonetheless, it might be interesting if Apple were to offer such as all-you-can-read approach within the Newsstand (and even more interesting if they limited it to native digital editions).

In the Magzter press release, president Vijay Radhakrishnan also touts the company’s recommendation engine attached to a redesigned user interface. The engine analyzes subscriber behavior and makes further reading recommendations, in real time.

[Screen grab via: magzter.com]

from FishbowlNY Feed http://ift.tt/1J8oQl3



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