Julianne Moore Trades Garden ‘Disaster’ for Oscars Green Room

When Julianne Moore walked Architectural Digest through the garden of her West Village townhouse for a 2012 issue, the predominant theme was green. The actress’ exquisitely designed back area is lush, lush, lush.

Although article writer Simon Doonan was effusive with his lede praise, the truth is that Moore had a lot of help. Now, three years later, the Academy Award-nominated actress is lending her solidified home design talents to the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood. As announced by the magazine today, Moore is helping Architectural Digest furnish and accessorize a February 22 VIP sanctuary. From the 2012 Digest piece:

“I had several goes at the garden, and it was just a disaster,\» says the affable, distinctly un-Hollywood Moore, gesturing toward her 1,000-square-foot Greenwich Village backyard. \»It looked like a dog run. Tragic. Everything kept dying.”

But salvation came when she was on a recent magazine photo shoot in a Manhattan apartment with outdoor space. “I fell instantly in love with the terrace and asked who’d done it,” she recalls. This is how Brian Sawyer, an architectural and interior designer who also masterminds gardens, entered her life.

“I told Brian, ‘I want it to look like this,’” says Moore, plunking down two hefty volumes dedicated to the hauntingly beautiful work of Belgian landscape designer Jacques Wirtz and his firm, Wirtz International.

The only thing better than winning the Best Actress trophy is to get to relax, post-press room, in a green room you helped design. Many pundits are predicting Moore will win this year for Still Alice.

from FishbowlNY Feed http://ift.tt/1BAv0eG



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