A False Start for The Verge’s Super Bowl Ad

For the briefest of moments today, a few lucky folks caught a premature glimpse of something major: The Verge’s 30-second Super Bowl XLIX ad.


The page was quickly taken down, but not before we here at FishbowlNY read the “DNP” headline, the “TKTK” placeholder text and enjoyed the embedded video. The Verge TV ad is *almost* as impressive as the idea that parent Vox Media can afford the very large outlay required for a 30-second Super Bowl XLIX spot.

The ad (we’ve confirmed it will air during the February 1 telecast) is all about how Smartphones are changing everything. ‘It’s changing how we live… and even, how we die…’ the narrator intones at one point. ‘This is the future. And it belongs, to you.’

A few Twitter users thought perhaps The Verge had posted the “DNP” page on viral purpose. But as the page’s quick removal confirms, the bylined item by site EIC Nilay Patel was not meant to see the light of January 20, noontime day.


from FishbowlNY Feed http://ift.tt/1uoewUJ



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