RD Recap: Changes at Gawker; Rosie Perez Leaving The View

Rosie Perez, we hardly knew ye. It sounds like the actress will leave “The View” after just four months in the co-host spot. “Perez never got a hang of the show’s mixture of hard and soft news, and she had trouble reading from a teleprompter,” insiders tell Variety. She has a one-year contract with the show and is currently taking a one-month break to rehearse for the Larry David play, Fish In The Dark, but smart money doesn’t see her returning. That would leave Rosie O’Donnell, Nicolle Wallace and moderator Whoopi Goldberg with a fourth woman to be named later…

Meredith Long is Time‘s new publisher. She takes over for Jed Hartman, 54 years her senior, who moved to be the chief revenue officer of the Washington PostJoey Bartolomeo joins Seventeen as executive editor. She leaves her entertainment and features director gig at Self to join the teen mag… Lucky, which is still a magazine, promotes Leigh Belz Ray to executive editor. She had been deputy editor after joining the publication about a year and a half ago… The New York Times loses Karen Rosenberg, who is off to Artspace to be deputy editor… Read More

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