Hollywood’s take on women in journalism has changed. A lot.

Good morning and happy Friday. Here are 10 media stories.

  1. Hollywood’s portrayal of women in journalism has changed

    From Lois Lane to Mary Tyler Moore, «sometime in the last twenty years, we became slutty ambition monsters.» (New York) | We’ve talked before about our favorite sitcom journalists. (Poynter) | And here’s Roy Peter Clark’s look at journalists in «House of Cards»: «at least they’re not sociopaths.» (Poynter)

  2. AFP photojournalist shot at anti-Charlie Hebdo protest in Pakistan

    AFP photographer Asif Hassan «is out of immediate danger and he has spoken to his colleagues.» (AFP) | In the U.K., people stood in line for hours to get a copy of the latest issue of Charlie Hebdo. (The Guardian) | Reporters Without Borders has a roundup of violence against the press since the attack at the French magazine last week. (Reporters Without Borders) | You can follow what’s happening in Paris now, including a hostage situation at a post office, with this Twitter list of journalists reporting from there. (@kristenhare)

  3. Tsk, tsk

    James B. Comey, F.B.I.’s director, criticized The New York Times for quoting an anonymous Al Qaeda source. (The New York Times) | New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie thinks the state’s reporters are acting like a bunch of kids. (Politico) | The Church of Scientology is upset enough with Alex Gibney’s new documentary on the church that it has taken out a full page ad in The New York Times «and elsewhere detailing what it says are journalistic lapses by Mr. Gibney.» (The New York Times)

  4. More troubles at Boston.com

    Boston.com associate editor Victor Paul Alvarez wrote an article about a bartender’s plot to poison John Boehner with a passage wondering if anyone would notice since Boehner has a reputation as a big drinker. (Politico) | Alvarez has been fired. (Associated Press) | «Boston.com Is Still a Mess» (Boston Magazine)

  5. Reporting from El Capitan

    NBC’s Miguel Almaguer broadcast live from El Capitan in Yosemite National Park on Wednesday. NBC thinks he’s the first person to broadcast live from the summit. Possibly more interesting — his rig. «The emotional images led ‘Nightly News,’ and Almaguer was live, shot on an iPhone using the LiveU app.» (TVNewser)

  6. Gawker merges Gizmodo and io9

    The merger, which brings in a handful of other sites as well, is called the Future Initiative. (annaleenewitz.kinja) | This likely means good things for traffic. (Gigaom)

  7. Here’s some award-worthy weekend reading

    The National Magazine Awards announced this year’s finalists on Thursday. Included in the announcement are links to multimedia projects, video and a lot of great articles. (ASME) | Related: Monica Lewinsky’s essay for Vanity Fair was nominated. (TKTK) | Also related: Digiday Video Awards went to a number of places, including HuffPost Live! and BuzzFeed, which won for a cat video. (Digiday)

  8. Here are 8 tools for better digital security

    From encrypting your phone to using Tor, here’s a quick guide. (ICFJ)

  9. Front page of the day

    From The International New York Times, Charlie Hebdo cartoonist Bernard Verlhac’s funeral, with a coffin decorated by friends. (Courtesy Kiosko)


  10. Job moves, edited by Benjamin Mullin

    Natasha Vargas-Cooper will be a senior reporter at Jezebel. Previously, she was a staff writer at The Intercept. (Capital) | Meredith Long will be publisher of Time magazine. Previously, she was executive director of West Coast operations there. (Poynter) | Howard Fineman will be Global Editorial Director at The Huffington Post. Previously, he was an editorial director there. (Poynter) | Brian Barrett will launch a site with The Awl. Previously, he was editor of Gizmodo. (@brbarrett) | Annalee Newitz will run a new tech site at Gawker Media. She is the editor of i09. (Gigaom) | José Guzmán will be news operations manager at KDEN in Denver. Previously, he was a photographer there. (Media Moves) | Stuart A. Thompson will be interim head of interactives for the Wall Street Journal. Previously, he was senior interactive graphics editor there. (@stuartathompson) | Job of the day: The Ventura County Star is looking for a multimedia journalist. Get your résumés in! (Journalism Jobs) | Send Ben your job moves: bmullin@poynter.org.

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