A Grand Pair of Matt Zoller Seitz Books

The awards success of The Grand Budapest Hotel rolls on. Wes Anderson’s latest confection led yesterday morning’s Oscar nominations, along with Birdman, and later in the day, added a Critics’ Choice Film Award for Best Comedy to go along with Sunday’s Golden Globe.

Situated perfectly in the middle of all this is New York magazine TV critic and ebert.com caretaker Matt Zoller Seitz, a lifelong fan of Anderson’s work and personal friend of the filmmaker. To go along with his 2013 book The Wes Anderson Collection, Seitz has a second book coming out February 10 just about Budapest.

The broad success of The Grand Budapest Hotel is introducing a new layer of folks to Anderson’s unique and intricate pleasures. No doubt, the result will also be a few more hardcore fans of Seitz’s books. From a recent Q&A with New York Times reporter Penelope Green:

The most incredible thing to me has been how people responded to this book as a work of art in itself, which is something I never could have imagined when my editor and I were sitting in his little windowless office laying it out and deciding what went on which page and why.

They take pictures of the book and send it to me. It’s like the garden gnome thing, but with a film book. One guy buried it in the sand with an Australian flag. One woman took it to the top of a mountain with her. Why would somebody do that? It’s a five-pound book.

I’ve got hundreds of these pictures from readers. My editor at New York Magazine showed me a photo from a shoot at Derek Jeter’s house, and there was a copy on his coffee table. It’s wild.

At the very end of the interview, Zeitz reveals that the love-of-Anderson tradition has been successfully passed on to his two young children. And he also lets a Halloween cat out of the bag involving his daughter going a few ones back as an Anderson character. Read the full interview here.

[Jacket cover courtesy: Harry N. Abrams]


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