Meredith Long Promoted to Publisher of Time Magazine

No more warm LA winter weather for Meredith Long. But being a native of Chicago and alum of the University of Colorado Boulder, she’ll have no problems adjusting to the NYC switchover. And what a breathtaking switchover this is.

As announced today by Time magazine, Long, who started as an account manager in 2003, is the publication’s new publisher. Since February of 2013, she has been serving as executive director, west coast. From today’s release:

Long, 38, will oversee the integrated sales and marketing operations across all platforms of one of the world’s largest news brands, with more than 70 million Time readers worldwide in print, online, mobile and social media. She will work closely with editor Nancy Gibbs to develop new growth opportunities and revenue streams for Time and all of its franchises and extensions. She will report to Evelyn Webster, executive vice president, Time Inc.

“Meredith’s deep industry relationships and creative energy make her an exciting sales and marketing leader for Time,” said Webster. “With a strong reputation for bringing innovative solutions to advertisers, she is the perfect partner to join Nancy Gibbs in further expanding the TIME brand, building on its impressive digital growth and creating new revenue opportunities.”

The appointment is effective immediately. For those of you keeping old media/new media score, the new publisher is 54 years younger than the magazine. Long replaces Jed Hartman, who recently left for the Washington Post.

from FishbowlNY Feed http://ift.tt/14F7Bdv



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