Cover Battle: Variety or Harper’s Bazaar

(Editor’s note: As you can tell by the odd placement of images, there’s a bug in the new site. Apologies for the odd look, it should be fixed soon.)


Welcome back to another edition of FishbowlNY’s weekly Cover Battle. This round we have Variety taking on Harper’s Bazaar.

Variety went with a trio of men trying to do the impossible: Convince everyone not to judge Better Call Saul against Breaking Bad. Good luck, fellas!


Harper’s Bazaar, meanwhile, has an equally difficult goal with its latest cover — convince everyone that the hat worn by Miranda Kerr is socially acceptable.

Editor’s note: We’re still working out the bugs on this new site. One of them, apparently, is that poll codes get stripped out. So! Please discuss this week’s Cover Battle with coworkers and loved ones. You could also leave a comment with your choice or tweet us. Thanks for reading! This will be sorted out by next Thursday’s battle.

Which Cover is Better, Variety Harper’s Bazaar?

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