Condé Nast Maintains National Magazine Awards Pole Position

elliesThe elephant is back in the media room. Or at least the elephant-shaped trophy known as the \»Ellie.\»

Per our Adweek colleague Emma Bazilian, two things remain unchanged this year with regards to the American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME) roll call of National Magazine Award nominees:

1) New York magazine is the most nominated outlet (10 nods this year)
2) Condé Nast is the most nominated media company (22)

At the other end of this awards safari, a robust group is celebrating their very first inclusion. And within the magazine world, it’s as big a deal as what’s going on this morning on the west coast for Academy Award first-timers:

Eight publications made their Ellies debut this year, including California Sunday Magazine, Grantland, Kinfolk, Matter, Nautilus, Politico, Powder and Refinery29.

Congrats to all nominees. The ceremony will be held February 2 at the New York Marquis.

from FishbowlNY Feed http://ift.tt/17M6YRA



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