Dan Patrick Set to ‘Put a Bow’ on Letterman Appearances

lateshowThe ongoing and heavily milked well of Dan Patrick‘s professed angst about appearing on the Late Show with David Letterman rolls on.

Patrick will be back on the program tomorrow night for a final time, closing out a string that started in 1999. The only problem: in-between his last appearance (2012) and Thursday, Letterman called Patrick a \»stooge\» last year while chatting with Adam Sandler, who loves to gift Patrick with movie cameo roles.

Given that Patrick’s neurosis about doing Letterman is worthy of Curb Your Enthusiasm, it’s fitting that the lead guest tomorrow night will be Larry David. We’re looking forward to the shenanigans and agree whole-heartedly with Patrick that Dave’s “two footballs” gag wasn’t funny the first two times.

As Patrick and the Danettes debated this morning on the radio show the pros and cons of one more trip to the Broadway Theater, Seton stressed it made sense for DP to “put a bow” on this on-air relationship.

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