Carlos Slim Could Become Top NY Times Shareholder

carlos slim 640Carlos Slim, the 74-year-old Mexican billionaire, could become the largest shareholder of The New York Times if he exercises his options by tomorrow’s deadline.

Slim loaned the Times a tiny bit of spending cash ($250 million) in 2009 and has been paid back and more.

If he exercises his options, he could own almost 17 percent of Class A shares, which would be valued at about $349 million. Not bad.

Obviously execs at the Times are hoping Slim opts to get fatter. As media analyst Ken Doctor explained to Bloomberg News, if Slim exercises his stock options, it would be “A vote of confidence in the Times.” It would also be a nice addition to his bank account.

from FishbowlNY Feed http://ift.tt/1C0y6XR



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