50 Cent Breaks Down Scarlett Johansson

50CentDailyNewsIt’s funny enough to see 50 Cent in a New York Daily News byline (that’s FifthEstateCent, at right, with the paper’s EIC Colin Myler). But it’s even more hysterical to read the guest editor’s politically incorrect comments about Scarlett Johansson, who wowed the rapper-mogul at a Golden Globes SoHo after-party.

According to Cent, Johansson belongs to the ‘Oh, your head is pretty too’ club.

Also according to Cent, not only was it nice that Johansson’s French journalist husband wasn’t at the party. But: \»In Hollywood, husband means ‘my serious boyfriend.’\»

Ha ha. Actually, since Romain Dauriac and Mrs. Dauriac spend a great deal of their time in Paris, Cent might have that conjecture the wrong way around. But we’re not going there.

The Confidenti@l gang definitely got the headline right. It reads: \»Sex and the Fiddy: 50 Cent Catches Big Case of Scarlett Fever from Golden Globes.\» Read 50 Cent’s second celebrity gossip article here. At that end, he’s a little more cautious, explaining about the topic of Justin Bieber that: \»It’s not OK to directly say anything negative about Bieber. His fans will not accept your apology.\»

P.S. At press time, only items about naked Miley in W and Jeremy Renner trying to explain his Globes “boobs” joke were ahead of the 50 Scarlett piece on the paper’s Most Viewed chart. Way to go, Fiddy!

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