‘Tout est pardonné’: Charlie Hebdo is back

Good morning. Here are 10 media stories.

  1. The return of Charlie Hebdo

    «CNN’s Joe Duran reports 1st truckloads of new Charlie Hebdo issue have arrived at a distribution center near Paris — under heavy security.» (@brianstelter) | A roundup of who is and isn’t running the image of the newest cover, which features the Prophet Muhammad. (BuzzFeed) | «The cover cartoon was drawn by the weekly’s cartoonist Luz, who survived the massacre because he was late arriving at the office.» (The Guardian) | Here’s a Twitter list of journalists in Paris. (@kristenhare) | And here’s the «I Am Charlie» backlash. (Yahoo News)

  2. ‘Free speech, meet the quadcopter’

    CNN announced it got approval from the FAA on Monday to test drones for news. «The FAA will use data collected from this initiative to formulate a framework for various types of UAVs to be safely integrated into newsgathering operations.» (CNN) | What will this mean for privacy? (National Journal) | Here’s hoping for some reporter bloopers, similar to this. (Time)

  3. Telling stories with cartoons

    Graphic illustrations, comics journalism and political cartoons are, once again, being used to tell the news. (Digiday) | You can find a lot of comics journalism here. (The Nib) | Previously: «There are a lot of good illustrated journalism pieces this week» (Poynter)

  4. Poems for The New York Times

    Journalist Rachel Abrams got a few poems after her stories ran and she decided to find out more about the man writing them. «It turns out that he has been writing poems to reporters for more than a decade.» (The New York Times) | Related: Verse journalism from WBEZ in 2012. (WBEZ)

  5. ONA and Poynter will pick 25 women for the Leadership Academy for Women in Digital Media

    Applications are now open. (Poynter) | Previously: Our collection of essays by women in leadership lives here, with more soon to come. (Push For Parity)

  6. Why are goats now a thing?

    I’m just asking. I have nothing against goats. Because they’re apparently everywhere. (The Washington Post) | And here. (NPR) | Also here. (The Goat Must Be Fed)

  7. Awarding courage

    Here are 10 journalism contests that award courage. (Thomson Reuters Foundation)

  8. This is some free learning

    Poynter’s News University has the webinar «Track Legislation and Political Influence with Sunlight Foundation Tools: A Digital Tools Tutorial,» on Thursday, Jan. 15 at 2 p.m. Eastern time. (News University) | Related: Digital tools you should have been using in 2014, from Poynter’s Ren LaForme. (Poynter)

  9. Front pages of the day

    Front pages with winning (The Courier, Findlay, Ohio) and losing (Statesman Journal, Salem, Oregon) at the College Football Playoff National Championship. (Courtesy the Newseum)



  10. Job moves, edited by Benjamin Mullin

    Joe Germuska will be interim director at the Knight Lab. Previously, he was director of software engineering there. (Knight Lab) | Millie Tran is now a writer for BuzzFeed’s news apps team. Previously, she was editorial coordinator at the American Press Institute. (Email) | Noah Kotch is senior editor and director of video at The Washington Post. Previously, he was chief content officer at Vocativ. (Washington Post) | Suzette Moyer will be a senior designer at The Washington Post. Previously, she was creative director of Bay magazine at the Tampa Bay Times. Carey Jordan will be a designer at The Washington Post. Previously, she was art director at Washington City Paper. (Washington Post) | Josef Reyes will be creative director at Foreign Policy. Currently, he is art director at Wired. Sean Naylor is now a senior reporter at Foreign Policy. Previously, he was a senior writer at Army Times. Amanda Silverman is a print story editor at Foreign Policy. Previously, she was deputy editor at The New Republic. Ilya Lozovsky is assistant editor for Democracy Lab at Foreign Policy. He has written for CNN’s Global Public Square. (Email) | Kurt Soller is now editor of the Etc. section at Bloomberg Businessweek. Previously, he was deputy editor there. (Email) | Karen McKay is a senior account director at Vox Media. Previously, she was national sales director for RealClearPolitics. (Email) | Cathy Horyn is now critic-at-large at The Cut. Previously, she was a fashion critic at The New York Times. (Email) | Colby Smith will be vice president for ABC News Digital. Previously, he was director of business development for ABC News Digital. (Email) | Job of the day: High Country News is looking for a reporter in Washington, D.C. Get your résumés in! (High Country News) |
    Send Ben your job moves: bmullin@poynter.org.

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