Bye Bye UnBeige | Prince Power | Breaking Girls News

UnBeige: The wisdom, wit and dazzling blog stylings of Stephanie Murg are on the move. Our sister site is exiting the Mediabistro fold. To Stephanie and future contributors, we say: “Break another ten years!”


AllFacebook: It’s not just Allison Janney who went gaga over Prince the Golden Globes presenter. The coolest one was also responsible for the annual extravaganza’s most intense Facebook activity.

TVNewser: Brian Williams says that as long as no animals get hurt during filming or staging, he’s fine with daughter Allison pushing the envelope. On Girls last night and anywhere else her burgeoning acting career leads her.

[Image of “Grand Prince Hotel” via: BuzzFeed BFF]

from FishbowlNY Feed http://ift.tt/14SZWsc



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