Adweek clarifies article on The Intercept’s business model

Ad Week

Adweek has appended the following note to its much-disputed article discussing the future business model of The Intercept:

Glenn Greenwald has posted several tweets today saying that there is no discussion of The Intercept becoming for-profit:

However, as noted in the original version of our article, it was not Greenwald who told Adweek that First Look Media could be shifting to for-profit status. That comment was emailed to Adweek from an FLM spokesperson and attributed to president John Temple. Asked specifically about The Intercept’s nonprofit status, Adweek was told in a Jan. 7 email, “First Look Media is nonprofit and The Intercept is part of FLM. The intent is to change it down the road.”

This afternoon, the following statement was received from FLM:

“The Intercept is non-profit and there are no plans to make it a commercial or for-profit publication. The team may start exploring a variety of ways to sustain itself, per Glenn Greenwald’s quote.

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