Why some news organizations are publishing covers from Charlie Hebdo

We’ve heard a lot about the U.S. news organizations that aren’t running political cartoons or covers from Charlie Hebdo depicting the Prophet Muhammad. But some news organizations are running them. Here are a few, and why:


Julia Turner, editor-in-chief, via email:

Our role is to help our readers understand news as it breaks. Part of what American readers in particular wanted to understand today is what sort of magazine Charlie Hebdo is and what sort of work it publishes, and so we chose to feature some of its controversial work as part of our coverage. We ran the images with context on when they were published and what the response was, all of which was useful for readers seeking to comprehend this story. We also opted not to obscure images of the work that appeared on posters and magazine covers in news photos of events today in Paris—again, because our readers want an unobscured view of what’s going on.

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from Poynter. http://ift.tt/1AxU56T



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