How BuzzFeed added emojis to its CMS

In early November, BuzzFeed’s product team got a message from founding CEO Jonah Peretti. He had a request: Could the team add emojis — those ubiquitous little icons used to convey emotions — to the company’s content management system?

If the product team accomplished the task, it would mean staffers could use their computers’ built-in emoji keyboards to insert the cute symbols, offering a shortcut through the tedium of copying and pasting every time they wanted to use a smiley-face.

There was one problem. Tackling the project would require the team to have access to a full set of open-source icons, and the most common ones were proprietary — owned by companies like Apple, Android and Google. Peretti suggested the team use Twitter’s emoji set, and the next day Twitter announced it was open-sourcing its emojis.

“I suspect he’s a witch,” BuzzFeed editorial product lead Chris Tindal told Poynter, laughing. “It was like six hours later that Twitter posted on their blog saying, ‘we’re open sourcing emoji’s everywhere.’”

The team moved quickly, Tindal said. Read more

from Poynter. http://ift.tt/1DHhrbl



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