Vocativ shuffles executive ranks at the outset of new investment

Vocativ, the media startup launched in 2013 charged with scouring the “deep Web” for story ideas, announced Wednesday a reorganization of its executive ranks ahead of renewed investment in the company.

Scott Cohen, the current CEO of Vocativ, will step down to take on a role at a company owned by Mati Kochavi, the founder of Vocativ, according to a staff memo to employees from Kochavi. His new job will be “centered on sports and entertainment,” and will involve “Big Data and the Internet of Things,” according to the memo.

In his place, Vocativ will institute a decentralized leadership structure where authority is divided between three executives — chief operating officer Danna Rabin, chief business officer Steve Alperin and newly appointed chief content officer Gregory Gittrich.

Each executive will have authority over their respective divisions, but they will be advised by and report to a newly created executive committee, which will be chaired by Vivian Schiller, a current advisor to the company who was formerly head of news partnerships at Twitter. Read more

from Poynter. http://ift.tt/1tK353U



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