The New Republic begins replenishing its staff

The New Republic Wednesday announced the hiring of four new staffers, among the first efforts toward rebuilding the ranks that were decimated by an exodus late last year.

The appointments, announced in a staff memo from editor-in-chief Gabriel Snyder, include two senior editors, an associate editor and a poetry editor. They are:

  • Jamil Smith, an MSNBC producer who has worked on both “The Rachel Maddow Show” and “Melissa Harris-Perry,” joins as a senior editor. He will edit articles and write on the subjects of race, politics, and gender as well as help The New Republic launch a podcast series.
  • Elspeth Reeve, who most recently worked for First Look Media’s short-lived project The Racket, will join The New Republic as a senior editor. She will write about politics with an eye toward digital storytelling.
  • Bijan Stephen joins as an associate editor tasked with editing the website and writing. He was most recently an editorial assistant at Vanity Fair.

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