Larry Ingrassia named associate editor at the Los Angeles Times

Former New York Times deputy managing editor Larry Ingrassia will be an associate editor at the Los Angeles Times in charge of new ventures, the paper’s leadership announced Wednesday in a staff memo.

In the memo, included below in its entirety, Los Angeles Times publisher Austin Beutner, Editor-in-Chief Davan Maharaj and assistant managing editor Marc Duvoisin explain Ingrassia will be responsible for helping the paper “attract digital readership and convert it into revenue.”

Here at the L.A. Times, Larry will focus on developing editorial products with potential to unlock the revenue in our online audience. These could include more special events, email newsletters and products for targeted audiences.

He will work closely with Davan and Marc and other members of the masthead to shape our strategy in print and online. He will also help with high-level newsroom recruiting, organizational planning and other areas where his experience will be invaluable.

Ingrassia announced he was leaving the New York Times in September, around the same time Executive Editor Dean Baquet announced a restructuring of the paper’s executive ranks. Read more

from Poynter. http://ift.tt/1ArRQSI



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