Why the Fort Worth Star-Telegram is cutting its metro section

Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Starting Thursday, The Fort Worth Star-Telegram will combine the first two sections of the paper in a bid to save money and feature local content more prominently, executive editor Jim Witt wrote to Poynter Tuesday.

Witt told Poynter in an email that combining the two sections every day except Sunday will give the Star-Telegram flexibility in managing its newshole:

With two sections, our space for national/foreign and local was always the same. If we had more local news than budgeted, the only option we had was to add pages (and expense) to the second section.

Now, because there will be just one section, I can decide day-by-day how many pages to devote to local news, business news or national/international.

Three years ago, the paper combined the two sections on Monday and Tuesdays and found it was “a great tool” for organizing the paper, Witt wrote.

The shift will also allow the Star-Telegram to “highlight the best journalism and advertising information” for readers, Witt wrote Tuesday in a note to readers. Read more

from Poynter. http://ift.tt/14jOd5K



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