Politico events editor joins Washington Post

Lois Romano, the events editor for Politico, will be editor of Washington Post Live, executive editor Martin Baron announced in a memo to staff Tuesday.

Washington Post Live, which puts on events with Washington Post journalists and newsmakers, has been growing leading up to Romano’s appointment, according to the announcement:

Above all, she understands that our growing events business is an extension of our journalism. That means you’ll find her reaching out to everyone in the newsroom, seeking your help, advice, and participation.

Romano replaces Mary Jordan, who was editor for five years. She joins The Post’s national politics team, which is preparing for the 2016 election.

Romano previously spent two decades at The Post as a writer for the style section, an education reporter and Southwest correspondent, according to the announcement. She has also been a senior writer at Newsweek and a senior political reporter, according to her LinkedIn profile. Read more

from Poynter. http://ift.tt/1HG6UiT


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