Melissa Segura named BuzzFeed’s first investigative fellow

BuzzFeed News announced Tuesday that Melissa Segura will be its first investigative fellow. Segura has reported at Sports Illustrated and SI.com since 2001, when she was a college intern.

“Melissa reports deeply and writes beautifully, and she produced magnificent stories for Sports Illustrated,” said Mark Schoofs, investigations and projects editor at BuzzFeed News, via email. “Now, she will get the chance to deploy her tremendous investigative talents into other subject areas. We can’t wait to share with our readers her new work.”

Melissa Segura, submitted photo

Melissa Segura, submitted photo

In October, BuzzFeed announced the one-year fellowship along with the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism with the intention of bringing a more diverse pool of journalists into the investigative field. In an email, Segura wrote that she’s grateful to BuzzFeed News and Columbia for making a commitment to investigative journalism.

“This fellowship couldn’t have come at a better time for journalism. It’s no secret that newsrooms everywhere are scaling back on investigative work while BuzzFeed is deepening its commitment to telling difficult and complex stories,” she wrote. Read more

from Poynter. http://ift.tt/1xAFpo5



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