It’s Jan. 5. How are those resolutions?

Good morning and happy 2015. Here are 10 media stories.

  1. Remembering Stuart Scott

    ESPN’s Stuart Scott died on Sunday. He was 49. (ESPN) | «Stuart Scott’s death at 49 prompted a reminder that, yes, these are real people on TV.» (Deadspin) | ESPN staff quietly created Scott’s obit video last year. (ESPN)

  2. Some jobs are coming to The Dallas Morning News

    The Dallas Morning News’ owner, A. H. Belo Corporation, is buying three marketing companies and will hire between 15 and 20 people, about 12 in sales. Print ad revenue from the Morning News dropped by about 10 percent last year. (The Dallas Morning News)

  3. Remembering those we lost

    In 2014, Anja Niedringhaus, James Foley and other photojournalists died. «Their pictures took us to the front lines, often at great danger to themselves.» (Newsweek) | Last year, the Middle East was the most deadly region for journalists. (Committee to Protect Journalists)

  4. Follow these journalists

    Here are the journalists you should follow in South Carolina, New Hampshire and Iowa ahead of the 2016 presidential election. (Politico)

  5. It’s Jan. 5. How are your resolutions doing now?

    The New York Times’ Margaret Sullivan offered a list of aspirations for the Times in 2015. They include more women on the editorial page, a more diverse staff and «A Thanksgiving interactive graphic that includes a Minnesota specialty that is NOT grape salad.» (The New York Times) | Poynter’s Roy Peter Clark wants to write killer headlines this year. (Poynter) | I also asked a number of journalists about their social media and tech resolutions, which including embracing the chaos and taking a break from it now and then. (Poynter)

  6. It’s a new year, let us look back one last (last) time

    AP’s year of freaking out language geeks. (Poynter) | The New York Times has the top everything from last year, including photos, videos and interactive storytelling. (The New York Times) | The Times also looks back on people who died in 2014, including The Washington Post’s Ben Bradlee. (The New York Times) | Free speech did not have a great year in 2014. (Electronic Frontier Foundation) | Poynter’s Lauren Klinger chose 10 stories, news moments and news sites that did great LGBTQ reporting last year. (Poynter) | My former editor Andrew Beaujon gave us one last look at the year in newspaper carriers. (Poynter) | And finally let us look way back at 80 years of AP photos (Time)

  7. It’s a new year, let us fill it with predictions

    People in the media are excited about increasing diversity, mobile and watching the media organizations that made news in 2014 battle it out in 2015. (BuzzFeed) | Poynter’s Rick Edmonds looked at 2014’s unfinished business, particularly with news video, and what we can expect for the new year. (Poynter) | And since we’re looking ahead, why not 10 years more into the future to see what digital life looks like in 2025? (It sounds like we’ll be living in peace with the bots.) (Pew Research Center)

  8. This is what the holidays looked like on the front

    I gathered up a few front pages during the holidays, including on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. (Front Page of the Day)

  9. Front page of the day

    From the Asheville (North Carolina) Citizen-Times, a look at what’s now required (and not required) for new police recruits. (Courtesy the Newseum)


  10. Job moves, edited by Benjamin Mullin

    Kimberly Wyatt is now a news director at WEAR in Pensacola, Florida. Previously, she was news director for KGBT in Harlingen, Texas. (Rick Gevers) | Thomas Ghareeb is now vice president and controller of Hearst Magazines. Previously, he was assistant controller of budget and forecasting. (Fishbowl NY) | Laura McGann is now political editor at Vox Media. Previously, she was deputy managing editor at Politico. (Fishbowl DC) | Sam Kirkland is joining BuzzFeed’s news apps team. Previously, he was a digital media fellow at Poynter (‏@samkirkla) | Perry Stein will be a local blogger for The Washington Post. She’s a staff writer and blogger for Washington City Paper. Sarah Pulliam Bailey will be a religion blogger and writer for The Washington Post. She is a national correspondent for Religion News Service in New York. (Washington Post) | Job of the day: BuzzFeed is looking for a humor writer. Get your résumés in! (Garys Guide) | Send Ben your job moves: bmullin@poynter.org.

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