What are your tech and social media resolutions for 2015?

2015, as the new year, in a keyboard

Less time spent wading through your email? More time spent away from tech? Less selfies? More selfies? It’s almost a new year and, like with the resolutions you may be making about more exercise and less Uber riding, you may also have some work-related resolutions. I asked a handful of journalists about their tech and social media resolutions for 2015. What are yours? Email or tweet them to me and I’ll gather them into this story.

Tech resolutions

S. Mitra Kalita, executive editor (at large), Quartz: My tech resolution for 2014 is to embrace the chaos. In 2013, I read every story on getting more organized, commissioned a few myself, experimented with a few productivity apps, even went to see an email doctor to help me winnow down my inbox of 145,000 messages. It is 10,492 as I type. So that’s progress. Except that he encouraged me to categorize messages and now I find myself missing the eavesdropping on listserv culture (and life) that is so crucial to my job as a digital journalist. Read more

from Poynter. http://ift.tt/1vx0DNN



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