Digital tools you should have been using in 2014

For many journalists, reporting is a recipe perfected long ago. Adding a new ingredient or changing a step can throw the finished product out of whack.

But new demands and technologies mean journalists need to change the way they work, or risk being pushed out of the kitchen.

In October, after I rattled off a list of media innovations and digital journalism tools for a small crowd at The LAB Miami, a reporter and entrepreneur who runs a series of personal finance and lifestyle websites offered a pointed critique. These are all well and good, she said, but I don’t have time to learn how to use them or where they fit into my busy workday.

Adding a vetted suite of digital tools to your repertoire can make your job easier and your work more engaging, but knowing how to fit them into your old recipes can be tough. Here are a few that gained popularity among journalists in 2014 and, more importantly, how they can fit into your workflow. Read more

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