From Today in Media History’s archives: In 1982 journalists described a new technology called the compact disc

Today in Media History is taking a break for the holidays. During that time, we’re sharing some popular posts from Today in Media History’s archives. This post originally ran on Oct. 1.

The press has been writing about new audio technology since the Edison phonograph. In 1877 Scientific American reported that “Mr. Thomas A. Edison recently came into this office, placed a little machine on our desk, turned a crank….We have already pointed out the startling possibility of the voices of the dead being reheard through this device and…other results just as astonishing.”

On October 1, 1982, there was another technology story to write when Sony released the first commercial CD player.

The robot narrator for this Sony commercial sounds a great deal like John Cleese.

Here is how the New York Times described compact discs in 1982:

“The CD’s are coming! The CD’s are coming! Not the banking CD’s, but
the audio compact disks.

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