Here are 5 reporting tools you won’t learn in class

Stanford University

It doesn’t matter where you went — no journalism school can fully prepare you for the grind of daily journalism. When I came to Poynter I had a lot of experience at newspapers but had never worked full-time for a blog.

Here are some tools that have helped me survive. Merry Christmas, and happy blogging!

  1. Page Monitor

    When I was put in charge of reporting media job moves for Poynter, I soon discovered I’d joined a very competitive beat. There are several news organizations that employ savvy reporters whose primary job is to scour the Web for high-profile job moves and blog about them.

    With no inside sources and little experience on the beat, how could I be expected to keep up? After running a few searches, I stumbled upon a tool called Page Monitor, a Chrome extension that alerts users whenever a page is edited. It also lets you adjust the check interval — anywhere from few seconds to a few days.

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