Elisa Jackson Named Executive Director of Poynter Foundation; Chris Martin Leaving to Pursue Opportunities in Academia

Chris Martin, vice president of external relations and president of the Poynter Foundation, is leaving her position. Elisa Jackson has been promoted to executive director of the foundation, which is the Poynter Institute’s fundraising arm, and she will manage the foundation’s fundraising efforts.

“I’ve been restructuring all facets of the institute as part of a new strategic plan that is designed to change our business model and bolster the finances of the institute for the long term,” said Tim Franklin, who became Poynter Institute’s president 10 months ago. “We’ve made significant progress this year, and I’m quite optimistic about 2015. This restructuring has included changes to the teaching team, our Poynter.org leadership and our program coordinators.”

Franklin recently began conversations about restructuring the foundation and as a result of those conversations, he said, Martin decided to leave the job.

“It is her wish to pursue some new opportunities in higher education,” Franklin said. Read more

from Poynter. http://ift.tt/1GQ5XEf



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