News in a remix-focused culture

We aren’t ready for Vine.

Hell, we weren’t ready for Tumblr.

latoya-petersonWe still don’t know what to do with Instagram.

For all our talk of disruption, most people in media are still more familiar with Snow Fall than the Schmoney Dance.

If we are serious about news being for all the people (word to Juan and Joe), we need to start rethinking how we deliver stories. And to do this, we have to stop thinking about how to leverage whatever hot social platform is making headlines and instead spend time understanding how communication is changing. What does news sound like in a remix-focused culture? How do we convey an entire story in brief, Instagrammable image? (Hint: Photojournalists have an answer to this, as well as artists and fashion houses.)

In 2015, smart media will explode the way they think about delivering news and put everything on the table. What does news look like now, and what can it be? What are our assumptions about visual culture/end users/lifecycles of content/measuring impact that stop us from moving forward? What stories are we creating that are so compelling they can be watched on a loop? How do we wed stories and experiences to place, space, and time? Why are we so damn serious all the time? Is there space to report on the messy betweens or the small pockets of joy in darkness?


The tools have arrived. It’s time for us to build.

Latoya Peterson is deputy editor of Fusion’s Digital Voices and the editor/owner of Racialicious.

from Nieman Lab http://ift.tt/1zd5f2K



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