A thaw in the newsroom glacier

Here is hoping 2015 will see:

— The Pulitzer Prizes are not given to the same annual one-day wonders.

— Stories on Jill Abramson morph into stories from Jill Abramson.

raju-narisetti— More math — any math — in all those gushy profiles of new media startups and journalism’s saviors.

— A Journalist Rescue Fund, one that is as impactful as the Scholar Rescue Fund.

— That likely new owners of the Financial Times and The Economist value the journalism there as much as the trophy brands they are buying.

— That more newsrooms (and Wall Street) will shun third-party “partner” parasites.

— An acknowledgement that 20/20 is good as hindsight goes, but if 2020 is your target for major change, you are in deep trouble.

— The good people of Circa’s newsroom have a soft, good landing somewhere.

— A meaningful thaw in the glacial pace at which most mainstream newsrooms still get their journalism to their audiences.

— More Ken Doctor analysis and less mainstream media punditry.

— The realization that if you are now behind your readers’ habits (think social and mobile, for example), your news organization is not playing catchup but is actually going backward.

Raju Narisetti is senior vice president for strategy at News Corp.

from Nieman Lab http://ift.tt/1C6Sfgp


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