5 holiday gift ideas for the journalist in your life

Journalism is great, but doing Christmas shopping for my colleagues often feels like a back-to-school trip to Office Depot.

If you, like me, think Christmas calls for more than paperclips and Post-It notes, try out the following gift ideas this year:

  1. Selfie stick
    These telescoping vanity poles get a lot of bad press, and with good reason. If you’re not familiar, selfie sticks allow you to increase the distance between the camera and your duck face, making it easy to contort your body into appealing shapes.

    But unlike the average citizen, who would use this gift to snap thousands of pictures of their food, or their face, or their food entering their face, journalists have an actual professional justification for owning these remote-controlled narcissism rods. He or she can use it as a monopod, which come in handy to take pictures of a march or protest, or as a video stabilizer.

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from Poynter. http://ift.tt/1wsk2EX



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