Mike Wilson named editor of The Dallas Morning News

Mike Wilson, managing editor of ESPN’s FiveThirtyEight, will be the next editor of The Dallas Morning News, the paper announced Thursday in a staff memo.

Wilson, who visited the Morning News for an interview earlier this month, will replace Bob Mong, who has been editor of the paper since 2001.

Before he joined FiveThirtyEight, Wilson was managing editor of the Tampa Bay Times. Before that, he was a newsfeatures editor at The Tampa Bay Times. During his stint at the paper, he was a finalist for The Pulitzer Prize.

Prior to arriving at The Times, Wilson was a longtime writer and editor at the Miami Herald.

Mong announced in August he would step aside sometime in 2015, after nearly 35 years at the Morning News. After Wilson begins at the news in February, Mong will become Editor Emeritus to assist in the transition.

Here’s the memo:


To: One and All

From: Jim and Bob

Re: Mike Wilson to become editor of The Dallas Morning News

We are pleased to announce that Mike Wilson will become the new editor of The Dallas

Morning News and will assume his new duties on Feb.

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