Metrics, smaller screens, and race

Metrics: New key metrics will rise to the forefront. The lauded pageview is being eclipsed by measurements of engagement and influence. New tools will emerge that will gauge social interaction with content and content creators.

CNN.com headshotsMira LoweSmaller screens: The debut of the Apple Watch this year will compel us to think more about how to produce engaging content for even smaller screens, for audiences on the go, for glance functionality. What news can we deliver in a glimpse?

Race: In light of the Ferguson shooting and national protests against police violence, race and issues of inequality will continue to be hot topics for news coverage in 2015. Massive social campaigns like #BlackLivesMatter and #ICantBreathe have focused global media’s attention on socioeconomic, cultural and political realities affecting communities of color. What should media’s next move be?

Mira Lowe is senior editor for features at CNN Digital.

from Nieman Lab http://ift.tt/13ewY5s



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