It’s now harder to report in China, harder to get there and easier to get arrested

Good morning. Here are 10 media stories.

  1. Journalism had an awful year in China

    Two hundred and twenty journalists were jailed around the world, according to Committee to Protect Journalists’ count. China was the country with the most arrests with 44. It’s also harder to work there, now, thanks to rules about what journalists can cover, and harder for foreign journalists to get visas. (CPJ) | On Tuesday, Reporters Without Borders released its annual roundup of abuse toward journalists. That list puts the tally of arrests at 178 and also marks China as the country where the most journalists were arrested. (RWB) | RELATED: Nieman Reports’ fall issue looks at «The Future of Foreign News.» (Nieman Reports) | 2015 Nieman Fellows awarded Turkish journalist Hasan Cemal with the Louis M. Lyons Award for Conscience and Integrity in Journalism. (Nieman)

  2. Prosecutors know what they won’t ask Risen, at least

    The New York Times’ James Risen will be subpoenaed, «though a Tuesday hearing indicated there was much confusion about what he might be asked to reveal.» (The New York Times)

  3. Joe Arpaio thinks it’s a good idea to get more coverage for immigration, and he sort of helped

    Proceeds from a settlement against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio will go toward a new position at Arizona State University that will focus on immigration, as well as greater coverage of immigration. The lawsuit that Phoenix New Times founders brought against Arpaio is ending with a settlement and a $2 million gift to the school. Arpaio thinks it’s «a good concept.» (The Arizona Republic)

  4. ACLU filed suit for a reporter arrested in Ferguson

    The ACLU of Missouri is suing a St. Louis County police officer who arrested Trey Yingst, who was arrested Nov. 22 in Ferguson, Missouri. «Police claimed he was standing in the street and failed to disperse after being asked by law enforcement to do so. However, several eye-witness accounts and video recordings of the incident show that Yingst was standing on the sidewalk exercising his First Amendment right to record police at the time of his arrest.» (ACLU-MO) | RELATED: Nigel Duara wrote about reporting from Ferguson in August, the strange rhythms that formed and the impact of the press. (Oregon Humanities)

  5. Sounds like the BuzzFeed public editor position has been filled

    Robin Sloan’s prediction for 2015 is that BuzzFeed will hire a public editor. «None of its peers — Gawker, Vox, Vice — would ever dare to do it, which of course will make it even more attractive.» (NiemanLab) | Says EIC Ben Smith: «Nope. Because we have you, Twitter» (@BuzzFeedBen)

  6. Gawker has made a home for the Sony hack story

    It’s all here. (Gawker)

  7. More looking back, and then ahead

    #BlackLivesMatter, leaked celebrity pictures and Ebola are among the stories in The Verge’s year-end roundup of the most important stories of 2014. (The Verge) | Mashable’s editors have gathered a pretty stunning collection of images from the year, put into categories including «Earth,» «Life,» and «Conflict.» (Mashable) | Michael Wolff also looked back on the year that almost was and the one that hasn’t yet become. Also, he says he hasn’t spoken with BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith since the Uber story came out. «Would I? Of course.» (Digiday)

  8. Maybe you can fix it

    The Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute is taking applications now for 2015-2016 fellowships, which include residential, non-residential and institutional. They’re looking for projects on making money and engaging readers through mobile. (RJI)

  9. Front page of the day

    From The Guardian, in London, United Kingdom, with the Taliban attack on a school in Pakistan. (Courtesy the Newseum)


  10. Job moves, edited by Benjamin Mullin

    Paul Likins is now vice president of digital operations at Newsday Media Group. Previously, he was head of revenue operations and programmatic solutions for Wenner Media. Stefanie Angeli is now senior director of national sales at Wenner Media. She previously led sales at Mom365.com. (Email) | Gregg Birnbaum is now managing editor, head of political content at New York Daily News. He is a deputy managing editor at Politico. (Email) | Matt Cooper is now politics editor at Newsweek. He has covered the White House for Time, The New Republic and U.S. News and World Report. Ross Schneiderman is now a senior editor at Newsweek. He has contributed to The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. Jonathan Broder is now a senior writer at Newsweek. Previously, he was the defense and foreign policy editor at Congressional Quarterly. Winston Ross is now a national correspondent for Newsweek. Previously, he was a freelancer for Newsweek, Time, National Journal and Vocativ. Azeen Ghorayshi is now a staff writer for Newsweek. Previously, she contributed to The Guardian, New Scientist and Wired UK. Max Kutner is now a staff writer for Newsweek. Previously, he was a contributor to Smithsonian and Boston magazines. Polly Mosendz is now a breaking news reporter for Newsweek. She previously worked at the Atlantic Wire. (Poynter) | Gaurav Mishra is now digital director at Condé Nast India. He is the founder of FutureCrafting. (LinkedIn) | Ross Levitt will be a supervising producer for the national security team at CNN. Previously, he was a field producer there. (Fishbowl DC) | Job of the day: New York Daily News is looking for a copy editor and Web producer. Get your résumés in! (Mediabistro) | Send Ben your job moves: bmullin@poynter.org.

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