National media at UVA is ‘creating its own conversation,’ says student editor

University of Virginia student paper The Cavalier Daily landed a big scoop Monday when it published a letter from a friend of “Jackie,” the University of Virginia student at the center of Rolling Stone’s unraveling sexual assault story.

Although the letter was widely cited by national media and brought in a large volume of traffic, The Daily did not seek it out, editor-in-chief Rebecca Lim told Poynter in an email. Its author, Emily Clark, asked a friend to submit it on her behalf.

Unlike the national media, which has been jockeying for scoops and sources that might reveal the veracity of Jackie’s account, The Daily has focused on reporting on the university, as well as the student reaction to the publication of the Rolling Stone article.

“It seems like outside the University, national media outlets are focusing on Jackie — they want to know, ‘Who is Jackie? Did she lie? Read more

from Poynter. http://ift.tt/12NUJR6


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