Martin Kaiser to staff: ‘We have a profound responsibility to our community’

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

In his remarks to staff, Martin Kaiser, editor of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, spoke about why he will leave the job in February at a place where he has worked for 21 years.

“This is my decision – and mine alone. It was not an easy one. It wasn’t easy because of you and because of the relationship we have built with our readers over these years,” Kaiser said. The full transcript of his remarks can be found here. Kaiser spoke about the impact and relationship of local journalism in Milwaukee.

I don’t believe there is another place in this country where readers are more invested in a local news organization. They care deeply about what you do.

The success we have had journalistically would not be possible if our reporting – from our daily coverage to our projects to our Green Bay Packers analysis, every aspect of our work, did not connect with our readers.

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