USA Today gets a lot of traffic from Google News

Adam Sherk | Gigaom

USA Today received more than a hundred million visits from Google News between January and November of this year, Adam Sherk reports. That’s almost a third of all news search traffic to the site, he figures.

Here’s his Top 10:


I’ve asked publishers in the Top 5 if they have any strategy for getting their stuff into Google News. “The only strategy is being on top of breaking news,” USA Today spokesperson Steve Kidera said. The New York Times said it wasn’t ready to discuss whether it had a Google News strategy. I’ll add others’ comments when I get them.

Anecdotally, Poynter has seen really good traffic when, for whatever reason, one of our posts got snagged in Google News’ net. Mathew Ingram wrote just last week about Google News, calling it “The biggest missed opportunity in media right now.” That missed opportunity is Google’s, he argues, saying the search giant doesn’t do much with it. Read more

from Poynter. http://ift.tt/1IvLPJb



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