Guy Vidra: ‘change does not mean discarding your principles’

The New Republic

In a letter to New Republic readers, CEO Guy Vidra talks about his vision for the publication. Vidra and New Republic owner Chris Hughes removed Franklin Foer as editor of the publication last week, and many staffers resigned in protest.

Before a press tour Monday, Vidra and Hughes had mostly expressed their plan for the publication with jargon like “vertically integrated digital media company.”

In his post, Vidra notes he “started my career in journalism” and says “I firmly believe that those who say that this publication was only ever meant to reach a small audience are wrong.” He praises the magazine’s past accomplishments, including its “an unparalleled back of the book,” and promises to provide “depth.”

But: “we will begin to tell our stories more effectively in other ways,” he writes.

When we spend the time and energy to do a longform piece, we will create formats for our readers to engage with that information outside of print.

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