TNR doesn’t want to be BuzzFeed. But maybe Vox

The first thing I asked New Republic CEO Guy Vidra to do was to explain his vision for the company in plain English. “It is unfortunate that our vision for the company has not been articulated clearly enough, and I take full responsibility,” he said.

He also says it “is just not right” that he was looking to boot New Republic Editor Franklin Foer from the moment he started at the company. Foer lost his job last week in a messy coup followed by many staffers resigning from the company.

His plan? “We need to succeed in digital,” Vidra said. “What that means in reality is to take technology, to take experimentation in digital, and to leverage all of that in the service of great journalism.”

That could take the form of expanded presentations of longform stories, for instance. “This publication has primarily focused on print,” he said, emphasizing that the printed magazine is “not going away.”

But he foresees digital- and print-focused editorial people collaborating with one another as well as with engineers and people in other departments when figuring out how they want to tell stories. Read more

from Poynter. http://ift.tt/1wT0ydD



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