Pulitzers open up to magazines

The Pulitzer Prizes announced today two substantial changes in a press release:

  • The contest will consider entries from online and print magazines for two categories: investigative reporting and feature writing.
  • News organizations can nominate journalists who belong to partnering organizations — even if the organization does not itself qualify to compete for the Pulitzer Prizes.

Here’s the full release:

NEW YORK, N.Y. (Dec. 8. 2014) — The Pulitzer Prizes in journalism, which honor the work of American newspapers and news sites, have expanded eligibility for two prize categories, Investigative Reporting and Feature Writing, to include many online and print magazines, the Pulitzer Prize Board announced today.

The Board has also amended its rules regarding partnerships. Alongside their own employees, eligible news organizations will now be allowed to nominate journalists employed by partnering organizations even if those organizations are themselves ineligible to compete for Pulitzer Prizes.

“Joseph Pulitzer created the Pulitzer Prizes to honor excellence and public service in American journalism, arts and letters,” said Danielle Allen, chair of the Pulitzer Prize Board.

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from Poynter. http://ift.tt/1w6GRMw



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