Ann Marie Lipinski joins Poynter’s board of trustees

The Poynter Institute announced Friday that Nieman Foundation curator Ann Marie Lipinski will join its board of trustees in January. The institute also announced ESPN senior vice president Rob King will become chairman of its National Advisory Board.

The Nieman Foundation, which Lipinski runs, is an educational nonprofit based at Harvard University established to “promote and elevate the standards of journalism“. The foundation has several public-facing initiatives, including niemanlab.org and maintains a fellowship program for journalists and others to innovate at Harvard.

Prior to joining Nieman, Lipinski was vice president for civic engagement at the University of Chicago and before that was the top editor at the Chicago Tribune.

Lipinski replaces Maria Vesperi, a professor of anthropology at New College of Florida, whose term expires next month.

“Maria has been an extraordinary trustee, and we are fortunate that someone of Ann Marie’s capacity will follow her,” Paul Tash, chairman and CEO of Times Publishing Co., said in a release accompanying the announcement. Read more

from Poynter. http://ift.tt/1tZuzBm



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