PhillyVoice names Frank Burgos managing editor

PhillyVoice, the news startup that has lately been scooping up digital talent from the Philadelphia area, announced Thursday Frank Burgos will be its managing editor.

Burgos, who was previously editorial page editor of the Philadelphia Daily News, will oversee the news report at PhillyVoice, “including breaking news, investigative projects, the news desk, home page, business and health,” according to a release announcing his hire.

The release (below) also mentions four other appointments:

  • Sharon Margolis will be an entertainment and lifestyle reporter/Web producer. She was an audio archivist at PennSound.
  • Aubrey Nagle will be an event listings producer. She has worked at Philadelphia Magazine, Marie Claire, and Seventeen.
  • Franklin McNeil will be a copy editor. He was a senior editor for SportsWorldNews.com.
  • Thom Carroll is a photographer and photo editor. He is a photography instructor for Moore College of Art & Design.

Thursday’s announcement comes about a month after Philadelphia Magazine reported that PhillyVoice hired three former Philly.com executive producers: Robert McGovern, Leah Kauffman and Matt Romanoski. Read more

from Poynter. http://ift.tt/1AnOGi3



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