James Shanahan appointed dean of Indiana University’s new Media School

Indiana University has picked Boston University College of Communications associate dean James Shanahan to lead its new Media School.

Shanahan, a media scholar who helped craft Boston University’s diversity statement, will be charged with leading the school’s “combined programs of teaching, learning and research in journalism, telecommunications, communication and culture, and film,” according to an Indiana University press release announcing his hire.

The Media School, which is an amalgam of IU’s journalism and communications schools, officially came into existence this summer, according to the release. It features an integrated media curriculum, with multiple disciplines (including journalism) under one academic umbrella.

The plan to roll Indiana University’s journalism program into a school with a broader curriculum generated some controversy over “administrative structure,” as Indiana University Provost Lauren Robel explained last year.

Shanahan’s first order of business will be to meet with faculty to help lock in the school’s curriculum, figure out its graduate program track and establish a fundraising plan, according to the release. Read more

from Poynter. http://ift.tt/1ykDgOj



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