After much brainstorming, Globe calls its new business section “Business”

Last month, Boston Globe Editor Brian McGrory put out a call to staff seeking a name for the paper’s forthcoming business section, which to his “chagrin” was called “Business”.

A few weeks and “a series of exhausting brainstorming sessions” later, the paper decided to go with the original name, Globe Business Editor Mark Pothier tells Poynter via email.

“There were suggestions like Currency, Work, Trade…all of which were too limiting, and I suspect would have grown tired quickly,” Pothier wrote. “There’s a reason why most papers have stayed with ‘Business.’”

The section, which débuted Thursday, represents the paper’s effort to keep pace with an “unprecedented surge in commercial and residential development” that has swept through Boston, Pothier writes. It was developed to feel like a magazine but remain “rooted in news,” with a number of standing features buttressed by digests of daily breaking coverage.

“Beyond striking that balance, we want to reflect the fact that ‘business’ today is about much more than profits and losses,” Pothier writes. Read more

from Poynter. http://ift.tt/1zoXfbx



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