Today in Media History: Gaming is raised to a new level with the introduction of Sony’s PlayStation in 1994

The first news story about a computer game probably appeared in the late 1940s.

By the 1970s and 1980s reporters described games like Pong and Super Mario Bros.

And on December 3, 1994, the big tech news was the introduction of Sony’s PlayStation console. Gaming had been raised to a new level.

PlayStation’s 15th anniversary documentary:

“On December 3, 1994, the PlayStation was finally released in Japan, one week after the Sega Saturn. The initial retail cost was 37,000 yen, or about $387. Software available at launch included King’s Field, Crime Crackers, and Namco’s Ridge Racer, the PlayStation’s first certifiable killer app. It was met with long lines across Japan, and was hailed by Sony as their most important product since the WalkMan in the late 1970′s.

….By mid-1995, Sony had set its sights firmly on the United States. Sony Computer Entertainment of America was created and housed in Foster City, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley.”

— “History of the PlayStation
IGN, August 1998

Remember any of these games? Take a look at the video, “50 years of gaming — graphical evolution from 1958 to 2011″:

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